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240 gr. lead bullet and 4 gr. Trail Boss is a good "Cowboy Load" at only 673 fps. 240 gr. lead SWC with 6.4 Unique is around 700 fps. 214 gr. (Lee Mold) with 7.5 gr. Unique is around 850 fps. and very accurate. .45 Colt low velocity:
Jul 22, 2009 · I bought some IMR Trail Boss powder to use with cast bullet loads. I was loading up a bunch of 25-06 for my Savage when I spied data for Trail Boss for the 25-06. So, why not try it, eh? Loaded up 20 rounds - 15 gr. Trail Boss with 100 grain Sierra Match Kings. I was pretty surprised by the results.
  • We are across the st. from the Forks Cemetery on Main st. in Stockertown,Pa. Call 484-903-7100 For daytime appointment.We are open Monday nights 7:00pm to 9:00pm and Tuesday and Wednesday nights 6:30pm to 9:00pm New Powder Shipment came in
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    In my latest article on thereloadersnetwork.com you can see how I reload the 45-70 Goverment with 300gr H&N HP bullets. Here is the link to the article and f...
    Mar 22, 2011 · Trail Boss is good for lighter loads, but for heavy hunting loads we have gone to 38 grs of Swiss and a 200 gr bullet for the 45 Colt in the Kirst. We tried some Triple 7, but did not like the goo left in the bottom of the percussion cylinder or left in the bottom of the 45 Colt hulls.
  • Trail Boss is specifically designed to fill old, voluminous cases (case in point: .45 Colt). I use a lot of it in my .45 Colt loads. I shoot mine out of a SAA, which, as has been hinted in other comments, is about as strong as a Judge, so those loads should be good for you.
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    The only problem I've had with Unique in the 45 Colt is I don't get to shoot enough of it. In the 45 Colt, in revolvers of different strengths, I've used; Unique, Red Dot, 296, H-110, SR-7625, Blue Dot, Trail Boss, IMR and H 4427, HS-6 and HS-7, I think Accurate #5 or #2 and probably a few others I've forgotten...oh, and real black powder.
    IMR 4320 IMR 4895 IMR 3031 IMR 4064 Hercules Reloader 7 Hodgdon 4895: 43.3 42.6 40.7 41.6 39.7 42.6: 1450 1550 1550 1425 1575 1400: 350 to 450: IMR 4320 IMR 4895 IMR 3031 IMR 4064: 43.3 42.6 40.7 41.6: 1400 1500 1500 1425: 450 to 500: IMR 4350 IMR 4831: 42.2 42.2: 1250 1200
  • We are across the st. from the Forks Cemetery on Main st. in Stockertown,Pa. Call 484-903-7100 For daytime appointment.We are open Monday nights 7:00pm to 9:00pm and Tuesday and Wednesday nights 6:30pm to 9:00pm New Powder Shipment came in
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    Jul 10, 2013 · To help prevent this, IMR (now part of Hodgdon Powders) developed “Trail Boss” powder, which will typically overflow a .45 Colt case if double-charges are thrown. Reply TSgt B says:
    Vem da ste se eni že igrali z Trail Boss, zanima me ali ga je zadnje čase kdo videl pri katerem od naših trgovcev...
  • I looked at all my load data for 45 Colt and trailboss. There is a max listed load intended for rifles that says 6.5grains of trailboss with a 225 grain cast bullet for 932 fps. Pressure is not listed. OAL was 1.60 and the primer was a CCI 300. Saw another set of loads for a redhawk which listed 5.9 grains with a 250gr bullet.
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    Dec 07, 2014 · 5.0 gr of 231 and a 200 gr H&G #68 cast SWC bullet (1.250 oal) is my favorite target load for the 45 ACP. I get about 800 fps out of a five in barrel. This load cycles my 1911 with a stock 16 lb spring just fine, but a 12 lb spring is cheap insurance for reliability. Cabins for sale in juniata county pa
    Smokeless powders with a faster burn rate like Unique, Trail Boss, Bullseye, etc. will give a higher, sharper pressure spike. Slower smokeless powders like IMR 4227, IMR 3031, RL-7, etc. will give a lower, rounder pressure spike. Sherman Bell had some good articles on this a few years ago in the Double Gun Journal.
  • Apr 01, 2019 · If you would like to submit a story related to shooting, hunting, or handloading, we would like to read it. Please submit your story here.If it is accepted, your story will be printed on our site, with your name in the by-line.
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    Jun 20, 2008 · 45 colt load data, 45 colt loads plinker, 45lc 255 grain and universal, imr trail boss .45 lc maximum loads, ruger kbn44-c, sammi spec 45 colt 255 lswc with 9 grains unique powder, trailboss 45 l.c., unique loads for 45 l.c, unique powder, 45 colt, 255 grain lswc load data, whay preesur would a 255 grain lswc with 9 grains of unique powder be Hid high and low beam reversed
    Naw, IMR 4227 is a good slow powder for .45 Colt. I do like the 20g of 4227 under 250-260g RNFP or SWC. I get 1030fps with this load in my revolvers. Far as I needed to take the powder. Not a ROL. Just remember to use a magnum primer with it. The only reason I don't load it often is you go through a lot of it if using for general purpose loads.
  • reloading data for 45 long colt.245 55 grain reloading data.416 reloading data ... alliant reloading data imr trail boss reloading data unique powder reloading data
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    Designed specifically for low velocity lead bullets suitable for Cowboy Action shooting, IMR® Trail Boss® Smokeless Handgun Powder gives reloaders a safe, stable accelerant. Trail Boss powder delivers a very high loading density, good flow through powder measures, and stability through severe temperature variations. Farmall cub
    Reloading H&N bullets. This book, which appears here in English for the first time, provides both experienced reloaders and beginners with extensive and well-illustrated information about reloading with H&N High-Speed bullets.
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Sep 24, 2010 · At the basic level, we're talking loads that run at .44 Special or .45 ACP pressure levels. Maybe .45 ACP +P. But the difference between a 15,500-psi .44 Special load and a 23,000-psi .45 ACP +P load is nothing to the .44 Magnum case and the firearm for which it is chambered. The SAAMI ceiling for the .44 Magnum is 36,000 psi.
Trail Boss is just as you mentioned mostly it's used in pistols and rifles that were designed for black powder like the 40-60 or 45-70. If you look at the load data you will notice it is fast burning. For instance it will reach 20,400cup with only 16.5 grains shooting a 300 grain cast bullet in the 45-70.
Trail Boss Loading Data Trail Boss is a high volume powder. This pretty much eliminates double charges, making it harder for you to blow up your new Colt. I really liked it for.45 Colt and recommend it heartily.
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Nov 10, 2010 · the only bad thing, was that while the imr sr-4759 shot right to the point of aim set up for my normal loads the imr trail boss does not. i will work on that. i am not yet just exactly where i want to be, but i am getting there, and refining the process. we'll just work on that aspect of things.
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The Complete Reloading Manual For The 45 Colt Item Preview remove-circle Share or Embed This Item.
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Hodgdon does have data for Trail Boss in very light loads for .38-55, .40-65 and .45-70. For example, with 405-grain bullets in .45-70 with a 24-inch barrel, a velocity of 1,007 fps is given. Charge weight is maximum at 13 grains, and pressure is 25,600 CUP.

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Jul 16, 2005 · Got my first plastic container of IMR Trail Boss Powder and tried some in two .45 Colt revolvers and a .45 Colt rifle. Testing was done at short range into a plain dirt bank. Accuracy above a general impression was not assessed, due to a lack of facilities. The stuff looks like a bottle full of teeny Cheerios and is very bulky. imr trail boss® reduced loads for rifle and pistol As noted in the powder description section, Trail Boss was designed primarily for reduced loads using lead bullets in pistol cartridges. However, Trail Boss offers superb versatility in rifle cartridges producing reduced loads using lead or jacketed bullets.

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Apr 22, 2012 · Pure opinion on my part- there ARE Bullseye loads in the manual for 45 Colt- but that is a REAL big cartridge case. B'eye seems to do best with lighter, cast bullets- around 200 gr. As you move up in size, I would go to Unique or 2400.

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I was just curious if anyone has tried this powder. I have heard people where I buy my reloding supplies talking like it is the doughnut shaped wonder...

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